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Participating in my first podcast
alejandra rajal
Oct 12, 2020
Cesar Rodriguez has started a new project called "Los Libros de los fotógrafos" (The books of photographers) a Spanish-speaking podcast were we talk about literature and how it influences our lives and work.

Please feel free to listen I was one of the invitees but there are also amazing photographers who have been featured like Alicia Vera, Andrea Hernandez Briceño, Musuk Nolte, and Hector Guerrero. 
Los Libros de los Fotógrafos - Alejandra Rajal
Listen to this episode from Los libros de los fotografos on Spotify. Los Libros de los Fotógrafos - Alejandra RajalEn esta ocasión hablé con Alejandra Rajal. Alejandra es fotógrafa documental independiente en Mexico, es parte de women photograph y...

Alejandra Rajal

Alejandra Rajal is a freelance documentary photographer based in Mexico.
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